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Power UP NORTH 2023 is about The Future Focused Entrepreneur 

and that's why this year's themes are centered around Future Proof Business Finances, Future of Tourism and The Future Face of Employment.

We are proud to offer a wide selections of breakout sessions facilitated by knowledgeable speakers centered around this years' learning streams.

Session Information will be added as it becomes available, please check back often to stay up to date.

Future Proof Business Finances

Business Finances – Training focused on real financial topics that will assist business owners in understanding their business finances. It is imperative that businesses understand their current financial situation to support business sustainability and growth.

Future of Tourism

Tourism Opportunities - Northeast Alberta is home to stunning lakes and tourist attractions. We want to showcase to our local entrepreneurs the potential opportunities.

The Future Face of Employment

Future Workforce – Presentations to learn about how to work with a new demographic of employees, including millennials, and strategies for tapping into alternative employee sources such as job sharing.

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Cocktails & Sails  Preconference Networking Event

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

This is an exciting opportunity to network with the speakers, partners, entrepreneurs, and local businesses of the Power Up North event.

Join the adventure where we will be bussed from the Hotel Dene into the City of Cold Lake to experience the hospitality and majestic beauty of the Lake Shore of Cold Lake.

This will be an unforgettable evening of networking, connections and great food.

Thank You to our TITLE Sponsor – The City of Cold Lake, for generously hosting the Power Up North preconference event of Cocktails & Sails!

Breakout sessions - Wednesday, October 4, 2023 

Topic: BP Group Solutions presentation​

Instructor: Jason Desaulniers, BP Group Solutions

  • Since February 15, 2007, Excalibur Executive Planning Inc. has offered risk management, investment planning and financial planning solutions to businesses and families. In 2019, EEPI acquired BP Group Solutions to further enhance offerings in the area of Group Benefits and Group Retirement plans. Led by Jason Desaulniers, EEPI and BPGS and the team have offices in Cold Lake and Edmonton, AB. What started as a practice focusing on Corporate Risk Management and Corporate Financial Planning strategies, has expanded to offer holistic advice to families and the businesses that serve them.

Topic: The Top Ten Fastest Growing Trends in Tourism

Instructor: Roger Brooks, Downtown Expert/Destination Development Association

In this fast-paced and exciting session you’ll see the biggest - and growing - trends in tourism and how you can tap into them as entrepreneurs! 

Topic: Marketing Your Business on a Minuscule Budget​

Instructor: Roger Brooks, Downtown Expert/Destination Development Association

In this workshop you’ll get a dozen tips and tricks on how to market your tourism-oriented business when you’re working with a small budget. You’ll see real life examples, get fresh new ideas, and learn how to create print (and online) ads that close the sale. You’ll see brochure ideas, working with Instagrammers and influencers, the power of YouTube, how to take advantage of the platform, and so many more!

Topic: Leaders Leading Leaders Great Cultures Begin with Intentional Leadership from the Top

Instructor: Michael Kerr, The Workplace Energizer

Great workplace cultures don’t happen by accident, and they don’t happen without intentional leadership. I use the term “intentional”, well, intentionally. I’ve interviewed hundreds of leaders around the world, and inspiring leaders tell me time and time again that the key to their success as a leader starts by simply being more intentional about being a leader. 


This means knowing there’s a difference between being a manager or boss and being a leader. Being intentional means consciously making decisions and choices about your attitude and behaviours that reflect and demonstrate real leadership.


Intentional leadership is about creating more leaders at work, not more followers, which is why so many high-achieving organizations embrace the mantra “we are leaders leading leaders.”

Topic: The Humour Advantage Putting Humour to Work for Less Stress and More Success

Instructor: Michael Kerr, The Workplace Energizer

I’ve visited dozens of inspiring workplaces around the world that take their humour, well, seriously! And for good reason. Study after study reveals how humor helps companies reduce employee turnover and absenteeism rates, lower stress levels, foster an environment of resiliency, build relationships, improve morale, collaboration, and communication. Humour also helps companies stand out with their remarkable customer service, humanizes their company, and in some cases even builds a unique brand.


As I stress to audiences, it’s not about telling jokes, being the office joker, or even about being funny. It’s about finding the funny in your everyday work lives, being more authentic at work, laughing at the things you have no control over, and, especially, about laughing at ourselves.


When you infuse your entire culture with a spirit of safe humour, it’s one of the most powerful tools there is that truly can help you energize your culture and drive outrageous results! 

Topic: Job Carving Recruiting, Managing and Retaining the Best Employees​

Instructor: Ian Hill, Social Innovator/Business Leader

Recruiting and retaining employees in these unprecedented and challenging times is the biggest pain point for any entrepreneur or business owner today!

Award Winning Business Innovator, Ian Hill, shows us a road map for recruiting, managing, and retaining the best!

From ground-breaking approaches such as "job carving", to a shared leadership model, and creating a user driven employee work experience.  Ian gives us the meaningful information and tangible tools we need to successfully attract employees and keep them! All combining to help you reach your vision and goals for your company

Topic: Build a Basic Business Budget​

Instructor: Taunya Woods Richardson, Nail The Numbers

Learn the basics of the 8 building blocks of business budgeting. Calling all visionary entrepreneurs and ambitious small business owners! Get ready for a game-changing experience. This interactive Bootcamp is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to conquer your finances now and into the future.

In this session, you’ll learn how to navigate the trickiest area, if not the costliest, of your budget – we call it the Bermuda Triangle of Business, where profits perish, and dreams disappear. Learn how to dial in on your revenue streams, direct costs, and price points to ensure you stay the course.

Topic: Next Level Strategic Budgeting​

Instructor: Taunya Woods Richardson, Nail The Numbers

Take the 8 blocks of businesses budgeting to the next level. Join us on this exciting journey to gain a competitive edge, secure long-term financial stability, and position your business for unrivaled success.

Budgeting for Outflow:  Personnel, Operating, Marketing and Debt Repayment

Budgeting for Inflow: Revenue Streams, Direct Costs, and Pricing.

 – Learn how to budget for Indirect Costs including Team + Personnel, Space + Operating, Marketing + Sales and the best for last… Debt Repayment. Learn the tips and tricks to ensure you stick to the plan and lock in your return.

Topic: Tourism Grants and Opportunities

Instructor: Chris Down, Travel Alberta

Alberta is home to majestic lakes and tourist attractions. In this session Travel Alberta will showcase how they are supporting tourism development. Join us to learn how Alberta is growing the visitor economy through opportunities for new and existing entrepreneurs through grants and education

Topic: The Do's and Don'ts of Employee Terminations

Instructor: Sara Hurtubise, Lakeland HR Solutions

Letting an employee go is a delicate process. In this session we will take a look at how to effectively manage employee dismissals and what your business needs to know.

  • Overview of Types of Termination 

  • Key Considerations to Manage Risk

  • Communicating the Termination while maintaining Employee's Dignity

  • Outplacement Services

  • Case Studies

  • Tools and Templates

Topic: Digital Adoption Grants

Instructor: Jason Garner, BDC and Lise Danyluk, Digital Service Squad

Join us to learn about digital adoption Grants available for your business.  Jason Garner from the Business Development Bank for Canadian Entrepreneurs (BDC) will talk about the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), a Grant Program that helps small and medium-sized enterprises adopt digital technologies to increase their competitiveness.


Lise Danyluk will explain the Digital Economy Program and the Grants available to small businesses to learn how to use and operate essential digital tools to succeed in today’s competitive online environment.

Topic: Indigenous Tourism Sharing our Stories

Instructor: Mackenzie Brown, Indigenous Travel Alberta

Join Director of Industry Development Mackenzie Brown to learn about one of Canada's fastest-growing industries: Indigenous Tourism. Learn about Indigenous Tourism in Alberta, how ITA supports the industry, and how partnerships pave the way for Alberta to become a leader in the Indigenous tourism industry!

Breakout sessions - Thursday, October 5, 2023 

Topic: Why Tourism? And How to Maximize the Industry Locally​

Instructor: Roger Brooks, Downtown Expert / Destination Development Association

In this session we’ll cover why tourism is an important partner in your economic development efforts, the five most important statistics of tourism spending and how to maximize each of them, and how tourism can expedite your non-tourism economic development marketing efforts. 

Topic: Unveiling Market Insights The Power of Effective Market Research​

Instructor: Carol Webster, Business Link

Market research plays a crucial role in the success of any business, and it can provide benefits at many stages along your business journey. When you’re starting a business, market research provides a deeper understanding of your industry and target market.


When you’ve been operating for a few years, market research can help you to stay current and relevant in the ecosystem. And when you’re ready to grow your business, market research is once again essential to help you expand into a new market or introduce a new product or service.

Topic: How to Future Proof Your Finances with Futurpreneur Canada: Analysis of where things are at

Instructor: Marie-Laure Polydore, Futurpreneur

This presentation analyzes the business landscape where interest rates are high, and where it becomes critical for entrepreneurs to future-proof their budgets. This session intends to share with the audience what can be done and how it is done by other entrepreneurs in the region. We will discover how you can benefit from the different funding options offered by Futurpreneur Canada and partners.

Topic: Entrepreneurs Business Hats & Blind Spots

Instructor: Brian Thorne, Portage College

Entrepreneurs wear many leadership hats that represent a crucial aspect of your business - The Founder/Visionary, Sales Leader, Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Manager, and Chief People Officer. While entrepreneurs possess remarkable strengths, they also have blind spots that can challenge their success. 


This workshop will help you better understand the leadership hats you wear, recognize your blind spots, and provide insights and resources to help you execute your business startup.

Topic: Alberta's Lakeland Destination Management Organization (DMO)

Instructor: Marianne Janke

Alberta’s Lakeland Destination Management Organization (DMO) is a regional organization working with Travel Alberta to drive the growth of the visitor economy in the North-East Lakelands. We do this by working within the industry and in partnership with businesses and operators to create must-visit attractions, events and experiences. Through our Travel Lakeland brand, we market those memorable products and experiences to the rest of the world. A strong visitor economy contributes to welcoming, inclusive and vibrant communities. Together we can build North-East Lakelands into a destination where visitors spend more, stay longer and explore year-round.

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