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Power UP NORTH 2024 is about helping entrepreneurs Elevate, Transform and Innovate.

We are proud to offer a wide selections of breakout sessions facilitated by knowledgeable speakers centered around this years' learning streams. Power Up North 2024 is all about Elevating Brands to fuel growth through practical marketing. Transforming Cultures through leadership shift to unlock your organization's true potential and become a magnet for top talent. And Innovating Hires, staffing solutions to help build Build a dream team that propels your business to new heights.

Session Information will be added as it becomes available, please check back often to stay up to date.

Working Culture

Revolutionize your corporate culture with Leadership Shift. Equip yourself with dynamic strategies and tools designed to ignite innovation, attract top-tier talent, and create a flourishing work environment. Discover how to empower your workforce, foster creativity, and construct a diverse, inclusive environment where everyone thrives. Unleash the true potential of your organization and become a beacon for the best talent.

Marketing /
social media

Unlock the true potential of your brand through smart, practical marketing strategies. Stop guessing and start leveraging proven techniques to create content that attracts and resonates with your target audience. Master the art of social media and digital channels to build a loyal following and elevate your brand. Join us at Power Up North to boost your brand's growth.


Empower your company's future with Innovating Hires. Harness the power of advanced technology and industry insights to craft a shining employer brand. Learn how to attract, evaluate, and smoothly integrate the right talent that will drive your company's success. Let's work together to assemble your dream team and skyrocket your business to new heights.

Brews & Chews
  Preconference Networking Event

Tuesday, October 8, 2024

We cordially invite you to be a part of Brews & Chews, a highly anticipated preconference networking event scheduled to take place on October 8, 2024. This evening is all about indulging in the finer things in life while facilitating meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

As its name suggests, Brews & Chews offers an opportunity to savor an exquisite selection of refreshing beverages and mouth-watering delicacies. The tastefully curated menu is designed to delight your palate.

More than just a preconference get-together, Brews & Chews is a platform to mingle with Alberta's vibrant community of business owners and startup pioneers. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or at the first stages of launching your own venture, this is a golden opportunity to connect, collaborate, and potentially catalyze your next big business move.

Brew & Chews isn't just about building networks, but also inspiration. The evening is filled with the promise of engaging conversations and enlightening insights that come from rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers of Alberta's business scene.


Embrace the opportunity to be inspired by fellow entrepreneurs and remember, your next great business idea could be just a conversation away!

Breakout sessions - Wednesday, October 9, 2024 

Topic: Elevate Your Business With Simple Quarterly Business Reviews

Instructor: Jennifer Barroll

This keynote covers practical tools on how to stop being a leader by title only, and how to start engaging your teams in meaningful ways that motivate and inspire them to bring their best in all they do.

Jennifer Barroll will cover employee engagement, empowering communication, strengths-based leadership, and how to understand and evolve your leadership style.

Topic: Leadership Life

Instructor: Jennifer Barroll

Corporate leadership consultant Jennifer Barroll helps audiences uncover communication tools that are essential for all leaders. In this presentation, she illustrates the importance of good corporate culture and shares culture creation strategies, while also exploring different leadership styles and how to get the best out of your team.

An engaging and entertaining talk full of practical leadership examples and real-life stories, attendees will leave inspired to level up their leadership practice.


This is a condensed version of Barroll’s three-part course, Leadership Life. The full version is also available for corporations upon request.

Topic: Leadership is an Attitude

Instructor: Brad Kotowich

Effective leadership is paramount to organizational success. Where the magic happens is when Leaders (not by title, but by attitude) at all levels of an organization can have positive impacts for themselves, for the people around them, and for the organization. You can help!

Topic: Hiring and Retention – Keys to Improving Success

Instructor: Brad Kotowich

FACT: Organizations/businesses today are experiencing labor shortages and high turnover rates!

Consequently, leaders must learn and implement different strategies to help capture the attention of new talent in the recruitment process; and that will ensure a work environment that secures and retains the ongoing interest, engagement, and motivation of that talent. Your ongoing work environment and culture is your brand. Is your brand what people want to ‘buy’? Complacency and hope are not a strategy, nor is it a brand they want to be a part of

Topic: Brands that Roar: Unleashing the Power of Unforgettable Identities

Instructor: Diana Noble

This session is all about brands – what they are, how they’re created, what makes a great brand and how you can

have one.


Many business owners don’t give enough thought to their business’ brand and some don’t even know

everything that a “brand” entails. Is it just your logo? Your colours? What is brand consistency?


The fact of the matter is, a business with a strong brand becomes unforgettable, which positively impacts their bottom line – more recognition, more sales.


Join serial entrepreneur Diana Noble for this informative session that will explore the

fundamental elements that make a brand memorable, authentic and impactful, going beyond logos and taglines to

uncover the essence of a brand that resonates with audiences and translates to sales.

Topic: Marketing Essentials: Elevate Your Business Visibility

Instructor: Diana Noble

Marketing your business is a non-negotiable if you want to be successful, and yet the thought of marketing

sometimes gives entrepreneurs anxiety. What are the most cost-effective strategies? How much should I budget?

What kind of content do I need to put out there?


Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or looking to refresh your marketing approach, this session will provide you with the tools and knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Join serial entrepreneur Diana Noble as we unravel the core principles of effective marketing and discuss cost-effective strategies that will set your business on the path to visibility and growth.

Topic: Data Analysis for Rural Small Businesses 

Instructor: Daru Pretorius

"Data Analysis for Rural Small Businesses" delivers invaluable insights and practical strategies tailored for small business owners and entrepreneurs operating in rural communities. Through a dynamic exploration of data analysis techniques and real-world case studies, we unveil the transformative power of data-driven decision-making.

In this engaging session, attendees will discover:

  • The significance of data analysis in today's competitive business landscape.

  • A comprehensive overview of data analysis techniques, including descriptive, predictive, prescriptive, and statistical analysis.

  • Real-world examples showcasing how small businesses can leverage data analysis to overcome challenges and achieve growth.

  • Practical applications of data analysis in inventory management, marketing optimization, and customer engagement.

  • Humorous anecdotes and relatable quotes to keep the audience engaged while delivering actionable insights.


With a focus on empowering rural small businesses, this presentation equips attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the full potential of data analysis, driving sustainable growth and success in their endeavours. 

Breakout sessions - Thursday, October 10, 2024 

Topic: Empowered Communication

Instructor: Jennifer Barroll

Jennifer Barroll teaches the top five communication must-haves that save leaders and their teams time, effort, and energy while reinforcing a positive and productive work environment.

Topic: Just Grow With it

Instructor: Jennifer Barroll

Change can be difficult. This keynote focuses on change and growth management, and how to be resilient in a season of growth or change in order to come out on the other side better than ever

Topic: First Impressions: Enhancing New Employee Onboarding

Instructor: Sara Hurtubise

CPHR Sara Hurtubise will present topics that focus on enhancing the onboarding process to improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention.


She will discuss the importance of first impressions, strategies for creating a welcoming culture and setting clear expectations. Attendees will learn about leveraging technology, the benefits of personalization, mentorship, and continuous feedback and more to refine your onboarding strategies

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