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Power UP NORTH 2023 is about reconnecting The Future Focused Entrepreneur 

and that's why this year's themes are centered around Future Proof Business Finances, Future of Tourism and The Future face of Employment.

We are proud to offer a wide selections of breakout sessions facilitated by knowledgeable speakers centered around this years' learning streams.

Session Information will be added as it becomes available, please check back often to stay up to date.

Future Proof Business Finances

Business Finances – Training focused on real financial topics that will assist business owners in understanding their business finances. It is imperative that businesses understand their current financial situation to support business sustainability and growth.

Future of Tourism

Tourism Opportunities - Northeast Alberta is home to stunning lakes and tourist attractions. We want to showcase to our local entrepreneurs the potential opportunities.

The Future Face of Employment

Future Workforce – Presentations to learn about how to work with a new demographic of employees, including millennials, and strategies for tapping into alternative employee sources such as job sharing.

Topic: The Top Ten Fastest Growing Trends in Tourism

Instructor: Roger Brooks

In this fast-paced and exciting session you’ll see the biggest - and growing - trends in tourism and how you can tap into them as entrepreneurs! 

Topic: Marketing Your Business on a Minuscule Budget

Instructor: Roger Brooks

In this workshop you’ll get a dozen tips and tricks on how to market your tourism-oriented business when you’re working with a small budget. You’ll see real life examples, get fresh new ideas, and learn how to create print (and online) ads that close the sale. You’ll see brochure ideas, working with Instagrammers and influencers, the power of YouTube, how to take advantage of the platform, and so many more!

Topic: Why Tourism? and How to Maximize the Industry Locally

Instructor: Roger Brooks

In this session we’ll cover why tourism is an important partner in your economic development efforts, the five most important statistics of tourism spending and how to maximize each of them, and how tourism can expedite your non-tourism economic development marketing efforts. 

Topic: Leaders Leading Leaders: Great Cultures Begin with Intentional Leadership from the Top

Instructor: Michael Kerr

Great workplace cultures don’t happen by accident, and they don’t happen without intentional leadership. I use the term “intentional”, well, intentionally. I’ve interviewed hundreds of leaders around the world, and inspiring leaders tell me time and time again that the key to their success as a leader starts by simply being more intentional about being a leader. 


This means knowing there’s a difference between being a manager or boss and being a leader. Being intentional means consciously making decisions and choices about your attitude and behaviours that reflect and demonstrate real leadership.


Intentional leadership is about creating more leaders at work, not more followers, which is why so many high-achieving organizations embrace the mantra “we are leaders leading leaders.”

Topic: The Humour Advantage: Putting Humour to Work for Less Stress and More Success

Instructor: Michael Kerr

’ve visited dozens of inspiring workplaces around the world that take their humour, well, seriously! And for good reason. Study after study reveals how humor helps companies reduce employee turnover and absenteeism rates, lower stress levels, foster an environment of resiliency, build relationships, improve morale, collaboration, and communication. Humour also helps companies stand out with their remarkable customer service, humanizes their company, and in some cases even builds a unique brand.


As I stress to audiences, it’s not about telling jokes, being the office joker, or even about being funny. It’s about finding the funny in your everyday work lives, being more authentic at work, laughing at the things you have no control over, and, especially, about laughing at ourselves.


When you infuse your entire culture with a spirit of safe humour, it’s one of the most powerful tools there is that truly can help you energize your culture and drive outrageous results! 

Topic: Future Proof Your Business Finances Bootcamp

Instructor: Taunya Woods Richardson

Calling all visionary entrepreneurs and ambitious small business owners!

Get ready for a game-changing experience at the Future-Proof Your Business Finances Bootcamp. This interactive session is designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools necessary to conquer your finances now and into the future. Join us on this exciting journey to gain a competitive edge, secure long-term financial stability, and position your business for unrivaled success.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your financial destiny!

Please Note: sessions may change without notice.

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