Power UP NORTH 2022 is about reconnecting as we adjust to “The New Normal”, and that's why this years themes are centered around Adversity, Tourism, and The New Normal.

We are proud to offer a wide selections of breakout sessions facilitated by knowledgeable speakers centered around this years' learning streams.


Adversity comes in many forms. In addition to the challenges that the global pandemic has left us with, there are ongoing challenges of mental health and physical limitations that effect many Albertans. Learning to overcome adversity and turning negatives into positives requires skill as well as determination.


This stream will focus on the unique experiences that are available in the Northeast region, and assist entrepreneurs with turning these opportunities into an exciting offering for visitors to the region!

The New Normal

The last couple of years have been difficult for businesses and individuals alike. What will things look like moving forward and how do we navigate this “New Normal” that we are faced with?

Topic: Be the Renaissance Catalyst

Instructor: Ian Hill  

Throughout history after every Pandemic there has been a renaissance in communities and society!  Local leaders across Alberta are primely poised to be the catalyst for this renaissance in the Communities they reside. 

Designed specifically for those who are “informal” leaders on the local level (business, economic development, and touris), this life changing 8 week program will remind all who attend why they do what they do, while discussing leading edge tools to lead in unprecedented times, collaborative strategies and proven concepts needed to take on the challenges of today


Attendees will learn the 3 keys to leading a renaissance for the stakeholders and communities they serve.

Participant will have a better understanding of the dynamics of rapid change and how to navigate to their vital outcomes.

Participants will have deeper knowledge of the value they bring to a community and be able to articulate the impact of their organization in these changing times.


Program elements

4 hour face to face workshop ignites the process

8 weekly email with additional resources

1 hour live virtual training in the 4th week of the process.

Topic: SUPERHOST® Customer Service Training

Instructor: Kelly Harris Martin

Comprehensive, practical introduction to the principles of providing a quality service experience. This course is ideal for people who are either entering the workforce for the first time or after a significant break, or are fairly new at working in a front-line, customer-facing role.


The course will cover:

  • Basic customer service, communication and teamwork skills – some of the key 21st century skills

  • Relationships between service quality, customer experience, and business objectives

  • The importance of front-line employees in service sector businesses

  • Expectations from the point of view of customers, employers, and employees

  • Communication etiquette and best practices

  • Service recovery techniques

  • Metrics used to assess customer experience and service quality

 SUPERHOST® Customer Service Training certification value is $130 in other circumstances but is being provided at no extra cost for Power UP NORTH 2022.  Space for this breakout session is limited.

Topic: The Rural Advantage

Instructor: Jonathan & Dusty Hawkey

Join Hawkey Studios as they provide a business insight to the world of puppetry as a business. As well as having a variety of puppet examples to showcase they will review the following components that can relate any form of business.

WHY? Why we do this.

HOW? How we accomplish this as an arts focused business in rural Alberta.

WHAT? What we do to continue business stability.

WHO? Who do we focus on for our target markets and clients?

Topic: Becoming Self-Employed as an Independent Contractor

Instructor: David Bayda, Business Strategist – Business Link

Interested in being self-employed as a contractor? Business Link will help you learn about the difference between being an employee and a contractor and startup considerations for this type of business. If you’re ready to take the leap on your own, we’re here to guide you.

Topic: From Entrepreneur to EntrePROneur

Instructor: Diana Noble

There are many factors that contribute to running a successful business, but passion and ambition are two of the most important. However, even with all the passion and ambition in the world, if you try to be all things to your business at all times, sooner or later you’ll come down with an inevitable case of burn out.

Join serial entrepreneur Diana Noble for an inspirational discussion about persevering against all odds and setting yourself up for success by focusing on high ROI activities that move your business forward. Shift out of the struggle and towards a sustainable future where you can truly have it “all” without being all things to your business.

Topic: Wine Knows Canada

Instructor: Amy Pilat - Futurepreneur

In this session, Amy will discuss her company, Wine Knows, and where the business started. She will then take you through the journey of running a business pre-pandemic, during the pandemic and post-pandemic using Wine Knows as a real time example. You will take away key points about the entrepreneurial journey of owning a business, what works and what makes the most sense for your business.  

Topic: Strategic Planning

Instructor: Quinn Magnuson - BDC

:  Why it is the single most important project you and your company can take on

  • You wouldn’t take an around the world trip without GPS, travel agents, hotel apps, flight plans: so why would you operate your business without “destinations” in mind?

  • Having transparent company goals and objectives is critical to everyone understanding what their contribution and collaboration needs to be. Everyone may be paddling but in different directions and at different speeds.

Topic: Indigenous Story Telling

Instructor: Brian Cardinal

Brian Cardinal will be sharing his life story of how his dad would tell stories at the trapline and inspiring him to write his own book of short stories.

Topic: Amber Valley History

Instructor: Gil Williams

Since the Covid-19 Pandemic, they were still able to provide small tours of the AV Museum while following the current AHS regulations. Their good fortunate continued as they were able to invite guest speakers via Zoom. This has indicated there is public interest for learning about the history of the Blacks that settled in Amber Valley. 

Gil’s session will include talks from previous speaking engagements. It will go over the history of Amber Valley and the migration period of the Blacks from Oklahoma in 1910. Gil’s research has has allowed him to give talks about the history of the Blacks that settled in Alberta and Amber Valley. 

Topic: Bath Salts

Instructor: Karen Harp – Deep in the Trees

Join me for a fun, hands on session where you will make your own natural bath salts! You will get to go home with bath salts for both relaxation and energy. Nothing required, just roll up your sleeves and bring yourself!

Topic: Dreams in Action

Instructor: John Ritchie owner/operator of Hideaway Adventure Grounds on the Kikino Metis Settlement.  

In this session participants will hear the journey of Hideaway and how it is growing from a simple idea of a campground to a catalyst of change for his community.

Growing up in an urban environment John has spent the last 20 years reconnecting to his Metis culture and enjoys sharing what he has learnt.

Hideaway is becoming the go to place for Metis land based teachings and overnight accommodations in Canvas Wall Tents.  

The ability to partner and network increases the capacities of this unique attraction to offer experiences that are tailored to each guest.  

Hideaway is actively involved now in community projects for health, language revitalization, and skill development for all ages.

Come and listen as John shares how he partners and builds his DREAM.

Topic: Tourism Entrepreneurship

Instructor: James Leppan & Chris Down - Travel Alberta

:  This session will assist start-up and emerging tourism entrepreneurs and businesses access information and resources to help increase the likelihood of a successful start-up tourism business.  We will look to teach key industry concepts for new tourism companies and leave the attendee inspired.

Topic: Mental health

Instructor: Ian Hill

Session Description

Topic: Artisan Entrepreneurs

Instructor: Carl-Eric Guertin -Economusee

After a description of the organization (mission, objectives, scope of the network) and the partnership with the CDÉA, the unique process of business support model to artisan-entrepreneurs of the ECONOMUSEE Network Society (ENS) will be put forward. This multi-step process allows artisan-entrepreneurs to transform their businesses into true tourist destinations and thus generate more revenue. The benefits of being part of a network of Artisans at Work will also be discussed. Finally an overview of the Alberta artisans will be presented.

Topic: Importance of Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Instructor: Willy Grant – Great West Media

In this session, Willy will discuss the importance of content marketing for entrepreneurs and business owners. She will explain how to use your story to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, and other media

Topic: Tourism

Instructor: Ian Hill

Session Description

Topic: Athabasca Landing History

Instructor: Dr. Greg Johnson

Historians have traditionally contended that the origins of the town of Athabasca are to be found in the complex interplay of fur trade and missionary activity, quirks of geography and shifts in transportation technology followed by a wave of immigration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

While recognizing the importance of these developments, Dr. Greg Johnson’s talk will nonetheless challenge some key aspects of the standard interpretation. Perhaps the most important point this talk will make is that the origins of the Town of Athabasca are to be found in the Anglo colonial settler boom in Western Canada and especially in what has been called the “progress industry.” The progress industry is a very interesting and very useful model for understanding how places like the Town of Athabasca came into being

Topic: The Athabasca Pottery Club – Over 60 years of Fun in the Mud!

Instructor: Monica Wolanuk - Pottery Club

: Join Monica Wolanuk, a past-President and ongoing member of the Athabasca Pottery Club as she shares the Club’s unique history and its’ claim to fame as part of Alberta’s cultural history. Find out how the Club has thrived for over 60 years! See samples of Athabasca Clay from its humble beginnings to incredible end products.

Topic: Digital Service Squad

Instructor: Lisa Danyluk

Session Description

Topic: Adjusting to the New “Normal”

Instructor: Cliff Turner

Your business has made it through the pandemic and now must navigate the unpredictable new waters. Or maybe you started a business during the pandemic and have been dealing with constant change since day one. Although the new “normal” is still being defined, there seem to be some strong trends that we can set our anchors in.  This workshop will have you explore 4 questions to help you set a course for stability.

Please Note: sessions may change without notice.